Mar 19, 2014

Posted by LeAnn Johnson

~Easter Photos With Kids~

Easter will be here before you know it! Easter falls on the 20th of April. I'm really glad it's in April instead of March this year, because March is a super crazy month for me. It thrills me to know that I'll be able to really enjoy it this year. Easter is such a special time to reflect on all our Savior suffered for us in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross. What a gift the atonement was and is to each of us. It makes being with Him and our loved ones again, possible. 

Easter also has lots of fun tied to it. I have some great Easter ideas I will post soon so check back for that in a week or so but I'm sharing a few Easter photos now so you will have time to prepare if you want to use them. My cousin, Danielle with Creatively Chic Photography always has some creative photos for holidays so I'm going to share some of her pictures that she did with her daughter, niece, a friend's daughter and some cute little baby chicks. Bunnies would certainly be equally festive to use for the holiday if you have access to some.
~ Easter Photo Ideas with baby chicks~
How adorable is this? "H" and the chick both looking at each other. This is definitely one of my favorite ideas!
~Easter Photo Ideas with kids and baby chicks~
Just hanging out watching the peeps.

I love this idea of "K" holding the black and yellow baby chicks in her lap with her feet propped up. The old wooden bench is a great setting.

~Easter Photo Ideas with baby chicks~
What a sweet pose. It even looks like the yellow chick is giving the little black chick a kiss! You've got to be quick to catch a moment like that.

~Easter Photo Ideas with kids & baby chicks~
I love this great photo idea with the basket upside down giving "H" a little boost so she can check out her peeps!

Like I mentioned earlier, bunnies would be an adorable idea as well. Maybe you have some chicks or bunnies or you have a friend that does. I believe Danielle said they borrowed them from a local feed store. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will check back to see more fun ideas for Easter!
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