Mar 14, 2014

Posted by LeAnn Johnson

~Meal Box Gift Idea~

Got meals to take? I'm going to share a creative idea with you today that I think, makes it even more fun to share a meal with others. I'm a decent cook but it's not my biggest talent. So, maybe I like this idea because it takes the focus off the food and puts in on the reason for serving. :) No seriously, those whom receive it always seem to love the added touch so it makes it so worth it when you see the look on their face. No matter what your reason for taking in a meal is, this idea can be altered to fit any situation or occasion for your gesture.

There are many ways we can serve our friends, neighbors and family when they are in need. One of my favorite opportunities is definitely sharing a meal. I love making things look pretty, but perhaps the main reason I enjoy it is because I know how wonderful it is when you receive one, especially after having a new baby. The doorbell rings, and there stands a friendly face with a smile, meal in hand and they never seem to judge the way you look. As much as I hate to be the cause for adding more labor on someone, I am instantly humbled and grateful for their time they spent on my family's behalf.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You may recognize a more common name, Mormons. My church provides many opportunities for me personally, to serve others. Of course you do not have to be a member of a church to have a chance to serve, but it's definitely my main avenue for sharing with others. 

The most common reasons to share a meal are illness, hospital or surgery (Get Well Box), disasters, death in the family and having a newborn baby. I had just such an opportunity last Sunday, to make a meal for some friends that recently had a baby. They had a darling baby girl and I wanted a creative way to present it to them. 

One of my favorite lines is… “It’s all in the presentation!” So, I thought it would be fun to decorate the box with lots of pink stuff to celebrate their new baby girl. In addition, I didn't want the new mom to have to do any dishes so I included some paper plates, napkins, utensil and cups. Here are some of the supplies I purchased.

~Before pic~Supplies for decorated Meal Box to deliver to a new mom~

Here are a few quick steps to prepare your "Meal Box" (gift box).
  1. 1.   Find a box. You may have a cute basket you’d rather use but find some type of container that is not too big.
  2. 2.   If you are using a box then fold the top flaps down on the inside so the top of the box is open.
    ~Wrap a box to deleiver a meal to someone with a few paper products so they don't have any dishes~~
  3. 3.   Wrap your box with some cute wrapping paper. 
  4. 4.   Place tissue paper inside the box where a small part is sticking out. I arranged the tissue paper where corners on the diagonal were sticking out just along the inside edges of the box making a sort of cavity to place everything in so it looks pretty in the bottom. (I arranged the paper products and any taller items toward the back of the box. We chose Mexican food for our meal so I had tortillas, chicken, grated cheese, beans, rice, salad, queso and hot sauce down inside. You can't see all that very well but it's in there! 
    ~Meal Box~ A creative idea for taking a meal to someone whether it's for a new baby, illness, death in the family, etc. ~by Crafty 2 the Core~
  5. 5.   I placed the Peeps on top where they were easy to see and I made a tag with my paper punch and some card stock and attached it with some jute around the peeps box that read, “Congrats on your new little Peep!”
    ~Cute Tag idea on PEEPS to Welcome a new baby included in a meal box for family.
        Since it’s close to Easter, Peeps are not hard to find. In fact, Peeps are pretty easy to find around any holiday. You may come up with something you like better to add in your box. Especially if you know there is a certain candy or treat that the new mom or family enjoys.
    ~Meal Box~ A creative idea for taking a meal to someone. Change it up for a new baby, illness, death in the family, etc.~ by Crafty 2 the Core~
It would be a fun challenge to decorate if someone was having twins that were a boy and a girl. You could decorate a box half blue and half pink.  

If you are taking a "meal box" to someone who is ill, you could decorate it with a Get Well theme and attach a balloon and card.

If you prefer something more general for your "meal box" could be decorated with a food theme. For example, we made Mexican food so you could decorate it like a "Fiesta Box!"

Like I mentioned in the beginning, no matter what the occasion, a new neighbor, housewarming, new marriage, illness, new baby, etc. the possibilities are endless to fit your occasion! I hope you enjoyed the idea. I hope it will be helpful in making one or for creating some inspiration for your own! As always, thanks for visiting my blog!
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