Apr 27, 2014

Posted by LeAnn Johnson

~Fancy Pants Spaghetti Casserole~

I have four boys and one thing my mom warned me about early on was that boys eat a lot. As usual, mom was right. They are always hungry! It's amazing how you can just get the dinner dishes cleaned up and before you can escape the kitchen or shortly after, they're back in there looking for a treat or snack. 

A few years ago, my youngest son asked me what I made for dinner that smelled so good. I told him I made a casserole. He watched me scoop up a hearty helping and put it on a plate for him. A bit puzzled he said, "That looks like spaghetti though." I told him this was a fancy type of spaghetti that was kind of like a mix between spaghetti and lasagna. Then he remarked, "Oh, a fancy pants spaghetti." So today, I'm going to share the recipe for Fancy Pants Spaghetti. 
~Fancy Pants Spaghetti Casserole~ a cross between lasagna and spaghetti. Spicy version included too!

Prep Time- 20 minutes
Serves 12

1  1/2 lbs. Ground beef
1 small onion (chopped) optional
8 oz. Mushrooms (sliced) optional
2 tsp Worcestershire
1 small can Tomato paste
1 packet of Lawry's spaghetti seasoning
2 TBSP Tony's Creole Seasoning or a smaller amount of cayenne pepper (Optional-use only if you want it a little spicy
1 pkg. (12oz) Spaghetti noodles
1 stick of Butter (3/4 stick is to be sliced-1/4 for greasing your pan)
1 cup Grated cheddar or sharp cheese
1/2 cup Grated mozzarella or Italian cheese mix
1 (80z) Small curd cottage cheese
1 (8 oz) Cream cheese
1/3 cup Sour cream

Preheat oven to 375.

Prepare water to boil your noodles and cook as directed on package.

In a skillet, add your onions and mushrooms and let them cook until they are almost transparent. 

Add your ground beef and stir. Once the meat is half way cooked add your Worcestershire sauce. (Here is where you add the creole seasoning or cayenne pepper if you want your recipe to be a little spicy.) Stir and continue to brown until fully cooked. 

Pour in your spaghetti seasoning packet and tomato paste stirring until well mixed. Turn off burner and set meat aside.

In a large bowl combine softened cream cheese, cottage cheese and sour cream. Mix well until completely blended. 

Add the previous mixture to your spaghetti noodles and mix completely.

Grease 9"x13" pan generously with 1/4 stick of softened butter. (If you have some butter left, use it with the next step where butter is needed.)

Place the noodle and cheese mixture in the bottom of your generously greased pan. With the remaining 3/4 stick of butter, slice and distribute equally on top of noodles.

Next, add your meat mixture on top of noodles and spread thoroughly covering the noodles. 

Add your grated cheeses on top of the noodles. 

Bake at 375 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes or until casserole is extremely bubbly. 

Remove from oven and let it cool. 

Yummy bread and a good salad are great with this casserole. This is also a wonderful dish to serve large crowds! We rarely have leftovers at our house but if there are any then it's even better the second day! Happy eating!

~Fancy Pants Spaghetti Casserole~ a cross between lasagna and spaghetti. Spicy version included as well.

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