Feb 19, 2014

Posted by LeAnn Johnson

~Wedding Gift Basket~

Got bridal gifts to make? I don't know about you but when I get invited to a bridal shower, I immediately feel a little pressure to come up with something creative. If you are crafty like me then you probably have felt the same way a time or two. These feelings intensify when others make comments like, "I can't wait to see what great idea you come up with LeAnn?" Don't get me wrong, I love making gifts and finding creative presentation ideas but when time is limited, I stress...uneccessarily. The first step is to admit your problem though, right? Now I just need to figure out how to stop doing it! 

So, I got invited to a close friend of the family's bridal shower. When I looked at the list of items she registered for I immediately fell in love with the beautiful white towels with a white shabby rose. Towels are not the most exciting gift but I knew these towels had potential. I grabbed the towels and went up and down the aisles in Target trying to find something creative to put these lovely towels in. After an hour of searching and finishing off a left over bag of m&m's from the bottom of my purse, I decided to give up and started heading to the check out line when I saw "it!" It... was a square laundry basket. I was so happy. I found my unique but useful container! Here's what I came up with. 

I used this fun idea as my BRIDAL SHOWER /WEDDING GIFT. I mentioned the towels the bride registered for already and I included other bathroom goodies like soap, back scrubbers and luffa sponges. I used shimmer white, cream and shades of brown tissue paper on the outer edge of the basket to tie in the colors of the soaps I added. (For detailed instructions you can watch my YouTube video at the bottom.)

My favorite thing about this gift that I feel makes it unique, is the square laundry basket that will also be useful because we all have laundry! When you are finished you can shrink wrap it or add netting around it with a bow.  This was a close friend of the family so I made it larger but you could search for a smaller basket or container if you arent purchasing as much.

This also makes a great HOUSE WARMING GIFT idea. Use the same concept for a gift with a decorative box, galvanized bucket, wicker or wire basket or even a cute kitchen strainer. Add a few different items to fit the occasion like kitchen towels, soaps, a candle and maybe some yummy quick bread or cookies with the recipe! 

Here's my video for detailed instructions. It includes how to build up the height in the basket so the gift doesn't sit too far inside. I hope this helped you get your creative juices going. Thanks for visiting!

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