Feb 19, 2014

~Minute To Win It Party Games~

Playing games is one of my favorite things to do. I really enjoy them when our extended family gets together. Minute To Win It games are fun but they are also great ice breakers because they provide so much entertainment for those watching. Here are a few games we played at one of our family gatherings although they are fun for parties, showers, church activities and more!

~Cookie, Cookie, Who Wants A Cookie~

This game is hilarious to watch because of the way people contort their faces. In fact, I had so many funny pictures I could have used but my family members would probably kill me so I tried to find the least embarrassing ones. Just trust me, plan for lots of laughing. 
1.  Pick a couple of people to race against each other. 
2.  Someone holds the timer to tell them when to begin. 
3. The players start with a small cookie on the center of their forehead. They will have to tip their heads back so the cookie stays on.
4.  The object of the game is to slowly slide the cookie to their mouth and eat it without using their hands. 
5.  If the cookie falls off their face then they must start again with a new cookie back on the top of their forehead.
6. The first one to get their cookie in their mouth wins.

~Idle Hands~

This game was really fun for the little kids. They would stand behind the adults who had their hands behind their back. They would slide their arms around the front of the adult and be their hands for them. They would attempt to feed them food and drinks. The person that eats the most chips, cookies, marshmallows, etc. in the minute wins the game.

~Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake Your Booty~

This game starts out with an empty kleenex box with a hole on either of the smaller ends and a ribbon or twine threaded between the two holes. This allows the box to be strapped onto the back side of the players with the opening of the box visible. Inside the box you can place a 10-15 items that should all be the same. In the picture below we used jingle bells but you can also use, small balls, marbles, marshmallows or any other small round objects. This is fun because they really have to dance and shake their booty to force things out of the box. The one who removed the most items once the timer rings wins the game.

~Stack 'em Up~

Next are several games that all have stacking things in common. For each game below the same rules apply:
1.  Pick a couple of people to race against each other. 
2.  Someone holds the timer to tell them when to begin. 
3. The object of these games are to see who can stack the most things before the timer rings. They are the winner! 
In this game we stacked Ding Dongs. 

We stacked marshmallows using chop sticks.

This game calls for a partner, a popsicle stick in one 
persons mouth and some dice to stack on the stick.

They must hold very still while their partner stacks dice.
In this last game they stacked golf balls. Yes, it really is possible to stack golf balls. Stack as many pairs of golf balls as you can before the timer goes off. Whomever stacks the most pairs wins.

I hope you found something fun your next party, church activity  or family gathering. Thank you for stopping by! :-) 

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